R.E.M. Visit The LES, Unveil Accelerate Tracklist

To film a video! At a sex shop. Brooklyn Vegan points us to a blog post put up by the toys in Babeland:

It’s not every day that you can call up your friends and say “So I was working at Babeland yesterday [Editor’s Note: Monday 1/21] when Michael Stipe and the rest of R.E.M. stopped by to sing for us,” but yesterday, that was totally something I could, and did say. Yes it’s true, R.E.M., the band that feels like they may have gone bye-bye just a few years ago, is back, and if the single from last night is any indication of the future of their music, let me just say I’m hooked.

It all started yesterday afternoon, when I got a call from a location scout asking if Babeland would be interested in (possibly) being part of a video shoot for R.E.M.

Call me easy, but the obvious answer was hell, yes! I was then told that it wasn’t definite, but if R.E.M. came into Babeland to play, it was going to happen that night, as in mere hours from then. We spent some time straightening up and pondering if indeed R.E.M. would really stop by, and several hours later we got the answer we’d been hoping for. As we eagerly anticipated their arrival, we watched the crowd gathering outside. Basically, as part of their video shoot, R.E.M. was playing the first single off their soon-to-be released album in a number of different locations on the LES (that’s Lower East Side for you non-NY types), and the first stop was our next door neighbor, the restaurant Inoteca.

With bated breath we waited for Michael and the R.E.M. gang to make their grand entrance. And that they did. Two cameras, some lighting and a gaggle of other important behind-the-scenes folk piled into our store, picked out a prime location towards the front by the books, and began to play. It was our own private serenade and it was so cool. When they were done we gave the band shirts and asked them to play our 15th anniversary party (sadly, they said they were busy).

Regardless of their unavailability to perform for us in the future, their performance last night rocked Rivington Street. I can definitely say that I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the album, and I know that the band and the crew all got a kick out of performing in our store, and one of the band members even told me it was the best sex shop he’s ever been in. How’s that for awesome?

Billboard reports the video was for the forthcoming single “Supernatural Serious,” from the forthcoming album Accelerate. The gig lasted 30 minutes, but according to Time Out New York’s new “Get Sane” issue, you’ll last a lot longer than that if you sample Babeland’s wares. Heyo! Kinky.

Also for those with a working knowledge of working song titles, here’s the finalized 11-song Accelerate tracklist:

01 “Living Well’s The Best Revenge”
02 “Man Sized Wreath”
03 “Supernatural Superserious”
04 “Hollow Man”
05 “Houston”
06 “Accelerate”
07 “Until The Day Is Done”
08 “Mr Richards”
09 “Sing For The Submarine”
10 “Horse To Water”
11 “I’m Gonna DJ”

And don’t forget, ninetynights.com still has some interesting HD vids for you.

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