New Dillinger Escape Plan Video – “Milk Lizard”

We passingly mentioned Dillinger Escape Plan yesterday while talking about the very different metal crossovers Pig Destroyer and what they really do to earn a living. Here the Jersey boys are in the flesh with the spankin’ new Ilan Sharone-directed video for Ire Works jam “Milk Lizard” (appropriately set in Milk Lizard bar). We’ve read a few pieces where the group discusses the importance of Faith No More (possibly reuniting?) burning a path in the mainstream for uncompromising metal crews: It’ll be interesting to see how far DEP can go on the back of their catchier new tunes like this one and even more Faith-y “Black Bubblegum,” of course. Who knows, flying barstools, hot punk chicks, kindness to the elderly, bad 3-D animation, and great songwriting go a long damn way. (via Headbanger’s Blog)

Vocalist Greg Puciato is one buff motherfucker. Make sure to see this band live … like ASAP. (And for those of you outside the US, we’ll try to find an alternate embed … like ASAP.)

Ire Works is out now on Relapse.