New Julie Doiron Video – “Consolation Prize” (Stereogum Premiere)

The mildly electric, very catchy “Consolation Prize” was the first song we heard from Julie Doiron’s I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day, her official followup to 2007’s Woke Myself Up. It immediately reminded me of something from Love Tara. Partly, I guess, because she’s backed on the album by old Eric’s Trip partner Rick White, who takes care of bass and keyboards (she’s still on guitar, voice). But mostly because it felt more tattered, less guarded. Speaking of which: The video for the track features drummer Fred Squire as an evil dentist, Doiron as one of a few tortured patients, and a giant struggle to save a magical golden tooth. Not what we expected, but now that we’ve seen it…

Of course a zombie would be involved. Take a listen to another I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day gem, the fuzzing solo sing-a-long “When Brakes Get Wet,” to give you something else to worry about besides the dentist.

Julie Doiron – “When Brakes Get Wet” (MP3)

I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day is out via Jagjaguwar.