A Preview Of R.E.M.’s “Supernatural Superserious,” From A Wine Shop

Continuing on our campaign to stalk R.E.M. around our neighborhood (virtually, ’cause it is too cold out there to gawk effectively), we present a sort of Take Away video of a Take Away video (as you know, La Blogothèque maestro Vincent Moon’s been tapped to work up the visuals for the Athenians forthcoming Accelerate — both on the website, and the first clip). So here it’s a fly on the wall, filming Michael, Peter, Mike, and Moon, in a LES wine shop, who are in turn filming the video for “Supernatural Superserious.” It’s also our first listen of the single! Sounds jangly. (UPDATE: There is a proper audio clip at REMHQ. Click on LISTEN. Thanks Nick.)

In case you missed it, another look at the tracklist:

01 “Living Well’s The Best Revenge”
02 “Man Sized Wreath”
03 “Supernatural Superserious”
04 “Hollow Man”
05 “Houston”
06 “Accelerate”
07 “Until The Day Is Done”
08 “Mr Richards”
09 “Sing For The Submarine”
10 “Horse To Water”
11 “I’m Gonna DJ”

Accelerate is out 4/1 on Warner. If you can’t wait ’til then, there’s always SXSW. But good luck getting into Stubb’s.

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