Blackberry Loves U2

Blackberry’s words, not ours.Their new ad campaign for the upcoming Mobile version of No Line On The Horizon features live footage of Bono & Co. going Coldplay through “I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight” followed by the tagline: “Blackberry Loves U2.” But why? Big claim with zero backup, Blackberry. It wasn’t too long ago that U2 clearly loved Apple products. This looks enough like an iPod ad, though, that the guys probably didn’t notice the shift (it’s like dating someone who sort of resembles your ex, Bono). The Apple tie-in was before they launched a 360° Tour that needed to be seen (and sponsored) from every angle. Here’s one angle.

(Via Hitsville)

The U2 Mobile Album teaser on Blackberry’s new U2 page is a bit more explanatory about the specific features.

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