The Simpsons Revisit The ’90s, Reveal Homer Invented Grunge

Fresh premises don’t come easy for a show 19 years into its existence, but hats off to last night’s The Simpsons, mining nostalgia for the decade after the show was created. It was That ’90s Show: Marge and Homer taught the kids about the decade of Zima, the Soup Nazi, and money machines. The episode’s 1990s are before Bart was born, because chronology on the The Simpsons sometimes doesn’t make sense.

Anyway! Homer’s working for his dad’s laser tag arena, and college student Marge Develops a crush on her professor, which leads Homer to reinvent his nu-R&B singing group as grunge bad Sadgasm (two tunes sound like “Rape Me” and “Glycerine”). Also featured: Semisonic’s “Closing Time,” the Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony,” and of course a Kurt Loder cameo:

The Simpsons revisit the '90s, introduce Homer Simpson's band: Sadgasm
Here, Homer invents grunge and sings “Politically Incorrect” (sorry Bill Maher), to the sort-of-tune to “Lithium”:

Nice Back To The Future reference, McFly. Here, “Brain Freeze”:

Finally, the official video for “Margerine,” from the album Desolation Hatchback: