New Yeasayer Live Video – “Wait For The Summer”

We’ll always remember Yeasayer as the ones who taught us about the post-Kokie’s Brooklyn scene and for their jam-tastic, psych-choral live shows. Here the boys are, all the way on the left coast at the Echoplex in L.A., asking us to “Wait For The Summer.” OK, we will, but only if you take us down to the river.

Judging from the YouTube comments, someone was hit in the head with a shaker during the course of these live actions: See that, hippie indie-rock stuff can be dangerous, too. Very Brooklyn. Yeasayer are currently on a co-headlining tour with fellow Brooklynites MGMT. Who’s more colorful? We know, for sure, Yeasayer are better carpenters.

All Hour Cymbals is out on We Are Free.

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