New Cryptacize Video – “Cosmic Sing-A-Long”

We once said Asthmatic Kitty trio Cryptacize “remind us of a Renaissance Fair held on the moon,” but that was a long time ago, like, last year. We’ve changed our minds. After watching their video for “Cosmic Sing-A-Long,” we’ll say instead they remind us of a wholesome children’s show held on the moon. See the difference? You will, here, as Chris Cohen (ex-Deerhoof), drummer Michael Carreira, and Nedelle Torrisi take you still-by-still on a journey through the cosmos, making musical sing-a-longs, flashing those pearlies. It’s a new sort of space oddity. We dig that treasure.

Dig That Treasure is out 2/19 on Asthmatic Kitty. Maybe you missed this last time:

Cryptacize – “No Coins” (MP3)


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