New Imogen Heap – “First Train Home”

“First Train Home,” the opening song on Ellipse, Imogen Heap’s forthcoming third studio album, is also its first single. It’s a driving, electro-tinged track about getting home ASAP, among other things. The English singer-songwriter recently made a bit of a racket when an unopened watermarked copy of Ellipse belonging to a London journalist showed up on eBay. As the Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy Blog reports, she requested (via Twitter) that her fans jokingly bid on it. They responded, getting it into the millions before eBay decided to stop the auction. Not sure if there are any lessons to take home there — it’s not quite as dramatic as this — but here’s your chance to see if it was worth the trouble.

Ellipse is out 8/24 in the UK and 8/25 in North America via Megaphonic/Epic/Sony.

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