New Ting Tings Video – “Great DJ”

If ever there were a video ready-made for an iTunes/iPod commercial … Well, this is one of them. We’ve heard from various and sundry UK experts that the Ting Tings — the British indie pop duo of drummer/vocalist Jules De Martino and guitarist/bassist/vocalist Katie White — are going to make it big in ’08. This blue and pink, simply choreographed video and “Great DJ”‘s chanted back-and-forth reps of “the drums, the drums, the drums” convinces us they’re at least fun to watch. Otherwise, the jury’s still out.

Wanna try that dance at home? Good to see him get behind his kit though would’ve been cool to see her pick up her axe.

The “Great DJ” single is out 3/3 on CD/limited edition 7″ and as a download via Columbia.