New Lily Allen Video – “22”

In this clip, Lily Allen at 22 is a cute girl with perfect hair and fantastic lipstick application technique that any guy would hit on in a bar. And the 30-year-old version of herself she sees in the mirror is supposedly washed up from years of partying and cultivating no discernible skill set, which is the vague moral of the story, except even Lily-at-30 would still get hit on by any guy in a bar. (Aging is more than a few hairs out of place and sloppy makeup, Lily; in fact that stuff will just make you even more desirable in Williamsburg.) Oh well, you get the point, oh you pretty things. If you don’t learn proper hair and skin care alongside your partying regimen, you’re doomed to have extremely confusing visits to the loo.

It’s Not Me, It’s You is out. As are her tits, which she’s entirely comfortable with, even though they’re not as big as @perezhilton’s.

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