New Spoon – “Is Love Forever?” (Live At Stubb’s)

Earlier this morning it was Kate from Toronto on the Broken Social Scene beat. Here, a reader named Renee witnessed new Spoon during the band’s three-night “SpoonX3″ hometown stand at Austin’s Stubb’s (7/9-11) and thought to forward the details (thanks, readers). The new songs were “I Saw The Light” and “Mystery Zone” plus “I Love Forever?” We have proof of the latter: It’s labeled “Is Love” on YouTube, but as Renee points out, according to Britt Daniel’s setlist, the proper name’s “Is Love Forever?” Is it, Britt? Daniel’s drenched in blue here, but the song’s upbeat. It sounds like more chaotic, dubbed-out early Joe Jackson. Those in attendance dig it. And as you can tell by that thumbnail, Daniel really gets into it, too.

Spoon – “Is Love Forever?” (Live 7/11/09) (MP3)

Renee notes that they also did “Got Nuffin’,” “Who Makes Your Money,” and “Written in Reverse,” or whatever those post-Ga tracks are called at this moment.

[Pics via starbright31 Flickr.]

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