New Erykah Badu Video – “Honey”

It’s been just about eight years since Badu’s dropped a full-length izm, so no surprise she’s exiting her extended gestational period with an 18-track double-decker to accompany that trademark afro back into the spotlight. There’s a grab bag of producers in tow (including the ever-generous Madlib), although it’s 9th Wonder who brings the throwback ’70s funky sounds to “Honey,” which is allowing us a sweetly extended retro eruption this morning. The vid (which is awesome) fits the vibe: a trip through a record store with Erykah putting herself in the middle of classic album covers, changing up the hair everywhere from Paid In Full to Let It Be. Sleeveface is so last year; gimme gimme Baduface.

“Honey”‘s coming from New Amerykah, which is out 2/28 on Motown/Universal. Check them knuckles, sucka.

Erykah Badu - New Amerykah album art

01 “American Promise”
02 “The Healer”
03 “Me”
04 “My People”
05 “Speech”
06 “Soldier 7″
07 “The Cell”
08 “Twinkle”
09 “Love Me”
10 “Honey”
11 “Emotions”
12 “Don’t Be Long”
13 “YPOM”
14 “Hot Slow Jam”
15 “Jump Up in the Air”
16 “Loretta Brown”
17 “Dirty Dirty”
18 “The Healer Outro”

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