Mission Of Burma/Fucked Up/Ponytail/Jemina Pearl Kick Off The 2009 Pool Parties @ Williamsburg Waterfront, Brooklyn 7/12/09

After being ousted from McCarren Park when the city decided to spent $50MM to restore The Pool as an actual pool, Jelly NYC found a new home for their free summer show series in the upscale hipster haven that is Williamsburg at the East River State Park (aka the Williamsburg Waterfront). It’s just an eight-week stay; next year the Parties will need to find a new home again. But for one more set of Sundays, at least, the Burg’s sense of indie-cultural entitlement will be rooted in boozy reality.

The long-awaited lineup was recently announced and looks great, and yesterday people finally got to give the grounds a test run and Tweet their sentiments. I was stuck in traffic returning to the city and missed the fun, but some 6,000 people made it on time, including our photographer Natasha Ryan and the NYT’s Ben Sisario, who talked up the “postcard-perfect view of midtown Manhattan,” along with some of the drawbacks of a show like this being held on State property (bands were warned that excessive swearing could threaten future shows; the Slip N Slide was deemed too dangerous; etc.). Aside from the State’s Campaign To Limit Fun, everyone I’ve talked to had positive reviews and thought it compared favorably to McCarren, if lacking some of that space’s unique charms. Gothamist has a photo gallery that covers the layout, and we have a gallery that covers the bands and attending bros that made it to yesterday’s summer kickoff.