Dave Navarro Is A Real Prankosaurus!

Our latest in the Prankosaurus series (see also: George Clooney) comes as a heartwarming tale of Dave Navarro antagonizing Marilyn Manson. The Jane’s Addiction/Mechanical Animals guitarist recounts the hilarity in the new Q (via NME)…

When I was using intravenous drugs, I used to go in [Manson’s] bathroom and spray his mirror with blood from my syringe. It freaked him out. He would get his assistant to put on rubber gloves and clean it up.

But it’s all about the repetition, people:

Right after, I’d go and do it again just to push him. I thought it was funny to be able to freak out Marilyn Manson.


Oh well, we’ll still take pranking over planking any damn day. All hail Dave Navarro, the darkest Prankosaurus of all! Watch your back, Sitek.

Jane’s Addiction’s The Great Escape Artist is out 9/27 on Capitol.