New Cass McCombs Video – “You Saved My Life”

Cass McCombs’ fourth album Catacombs opens with its first single, “Dreams Come True Girl,” which features the ghostly guest vocals of Academy Award-nominated actress Karen Black. If you recall, she played the country star Connie White in Nashville and wrote the songs she performed in the film. Fittingly, Catacombs has a dusty ensemble-cast feel to it, though it’s McCombs playing all the parts. See, for instance, the video for “You Saved My Life,” which follows the wandering singer-songwriter around some sort of beer-friendly festival, passing dozens of people, and remaining the focus despite all those glimpsed lives. It was directed by Eric Fensler from Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job! And, speaking of shape-shifting: The outdoor footage is interspersed with shadowy, gold-flecked two-step country dancing that evokes/seemingly nods to Cremaster 2: Considering the album features a song called “Executioner’s Song,” e.g. the Norman Mailer novel that partially inspired Matthew Barney’s film, it may very well be more than a coincidence.

The aforementioned opener:

Cass McCombs (Feat Karen Black) – “Dreams Come True Girl” (MP3)

Catacombs is out via Domino.