Grandaddy’s The Sophtware Slump Gets Deluxe Reissue

Grandaddy’s The Sophtware Slump deserves to be in the pantheon of tech-addled masterpieces (see OK Computer) and it’s getting the full-fledged reissue treatment. The deluxe version includes b-sides, never-before-released demos, and the whole gussied-up-remaster thing. To celebrate the classic, fragile, and dark indie classic comes a slew of Slump media, so here goes!

Watch “The Making Of” video…

Check out Jason Lytle talking to BBC about the reissue.

And best for last, stream the original demo of “Hewlett’s Daughter.”

Grandaddy – “Hewlett’s Daughter” (Original Cassette Tape Demo)

The Sophtware Slump Deluxe Edition is out now on iTunes in the US and via Amazon in Europe. Also, a double vinyl LP will be available in Europe starting 10/3. It’s all out on Universal/V2.