Modest Mouse

Last night we went to see Collateral. The plan was to see Napoleon Dynamite, but I couldn’t convince Kevan that it was better than all the bad reviews imply. I will find someone to see it with me one of these days.

Collateral was actually pretty great for a shoot-‘em-up thriller (directed by Michael Mann, the same guy who did The Insider). Music was cool too. The heavily-featured Chris Cornell tune I couldn’t identify during the film turns out to be Audioslave’s “Shadow on the Sun.” Even better, though, was a pivotal scene about Miles Davis featuring a cut from his landmark Bitches Brew. More on that in a minute.

When we got home from the movies, Kevan saw a mouse run under our refrigerator. He prompty took off and EJ and I went to Duane Reade at 1AM to pick up mouse traps and peanut butter (that’s what it says to use as bait). Those traps are tricky, and as I got more and more frustrated setting them up, we became convinced there was more than one mouse. Mice! Sucks.

Eventually we retreated to the bedroom where I stayed up watching Ken Burns Jazz on PBS until 4AM, listening for the mouse traps to snap. We still haven’t caught any.

So thanks to Michael Mann and the mice that kept me up last night watching Ken Burns, I broke out Bitches Brew this morning. It’s regarded as one of the most important albums in jazz: the birth of fusion and a testament to Miles’ avant-garde genius.

This is the song featured in Collateral.
Miles Davis – “Spanish Key”

Buy the album here.

And if you have any advice about catching mice, please share your knowledge with the group!

* * *

Oh, and Kevan insists “Inconsiderate Cell Phone Man” (in the Cingular Wireless PSAs they show before movie trailers) was in Bowling For Columbine in the scene about cops busting white collar criminals. Fun fact!

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