Falco The Movie (Finally)

We’ve been dreaming of the day this biopic would come to life and here it is, Falco: Verdammt, Wir Leben Noch!. Now can someone please tell us what that means? After watching the trailer, we’re happy to note Grace Jones plays a key role, but otherwise, it’s in Austrian German without subtitles. We, do, though, understand Falco’s spiraling downfall into a bed filled with thonged ladies. Remember, dude died when he was hit by a bus. Now we’re privy to the most poignant and cinematic of moments (and aviator shades) of the man behind “Rock Me Amadeus.” (Via The Playlist via DailySwarm)

Kinda like Control for a one-hit wonder. We kid. Wonder what Thomas Bernhard would’ve thought of this. We don’t kid. As of now, there’s no US release date. Can our Austrian readers let us know how much it rocks? So far the comments at YouTube don’t help.

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