Beck Adds Acoustic Modern Guilt To Web Goodies

While Trent Reznor reduces his Web 2.0 (and center stage) time, Beck is smoothly stepping in as the new web-generous/fan-friendly mainstream artist. We’ve talked about Hansen recording Velvet Underground covers, engaging in conversations with Tom Waits, curating DJ mixes, and posting them all on his site. Now he’s putting together free acoustic versions of Modern Guilt:

Modern Guilt was released one year ago this week! For the occassion (sic) we are putting up acoustic versions of the entire album recorded earlier this year after returning from the Japan tour (under severe jet lag). Tracks will be released weekly starting with this rendition of Orphans. There will be limited ep of four tracks from the session available soon. We’ll also be putting up all the promotional videos from the album this week in the new section, Videotheque.

Take a look/listen to “Orphans.”

You might as well head to, since he’ll likely have something else up there by the time I finish writing this.

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