Booted From Shrek 2, Pixies Come To NY

The Pixies play Hammerstein December 12 & 13!

Sunday’s Times feature mentions that they were booted from Shrek 2, which, coincidentally, contains a Tom Waits song…

The Pixies have recorded a new song together, written by Ms. Deal, called “Bam Thwok,” which was originally written for the soundtrack to Shrek 2. But the movie company chose a song by Counting Crows instead, and “Bam Thwok” ended up helping to inaugurate the European version of iTunes.

Marc Geiger of the William Morris Agency, the band’s longtime agent, says he is hoping the Pixies will record a new album early next year. “I have thought of that concept, yes,” Mr. Black said. “I wouldn’t mind asking Tom Waits to produce us. Why not? I like the way his records sound.”