New Goes Cube – “Song 57″ (And Being Taken Seriously At SXSW)

We have to wonder if New York shredders Goes Cube will ever assign titles to their songs instead of numbering ‘em. Not that it matters, but every time we receive word of a generally kick-ass tune — 46, 30, 37, for instance — we hear “Song #1″ cadences (respect, Ian). The trio’s newest, “Song 57″ (Heinz joke in there somewhere), is almost a bit Foo when it opens, but then they get mathy, louder, and rip that lid right the fuck off. We’ve never heard them get this massive. Here are vocalist/guitarist Dave Obuchowski’s thoughts on the new song and material:

We went into the recording studio shortly before the new year because Dean Baltulonis – the guy who produced our EP Beckon The Dagger God and even additional material (including “Goes Cube Song 46,” which was premiered by Stereogum) – came to a show and heard a slew of our new material. Ever since our cross-country tour last year, our music’s been getting gradually heavier. He really liked the way our sound was forming, so he immediately arranged for us to come into the studio. He took an incredibly active role in the recording sessions, starting weeks before, listening to demos from our practice space. The approach he took was really amazing, because he came up with a lot of experimental techniques that he hadn’t used before, and he sort of blended it with a classic heavy metal method. It sounds like a cliche to say that we had to put a lot of trust in our producer, but we did. And we were all astounded by the results.”Goes Cube Song 57″ was perfectly representative of that. Even as we were recording it, we were sort of looking at each other feeling like, OK, we’re actually doing something very very special right now. And when Dean was mixing it, it felt like we were all holding our breath for 3 hours.

Dudes are challenging Parts & Labor for the title of most beard-y band in NYC. OK, not really.

Goes Cube – “Song 57″ (MP3)

Goes Cube, Drinking Beer
[Left to Right: Matthew Frey, David Obuchowski, and Kenny Appell; photo by Jackie Roman]

Always a great live band (we speak from experience), this song should especially translate well in a club (that raw shouted vocal). If you’re in the NYC area, you can see what happens with it tonight. More from Dave:

This new material comes at a really interesting time for our band. We’re playing our first NYC show in about 2 months tonight at Luna Lounge with Dean’s band, Foreign Islands, and Dub Trio is headlining as it’s their CD release party. Then in February we’re playing the BAM Next Fest at Magnetic Fields. After that, we’ll be gone on tour for almost the entire month of March. This song “Goes Cube Song 57″ will be on a very limited-edition tour-only (hand-numbered even) EP, that we’ll have with us.

The tour will coincide with SXSW. We’re still trying to get some good shows in Austin. It’s honestly been a bit of a challenge. We don’t have a label backing us. We don’t have a booking agent. We don’t have a PR person. This is the 3rd significant tour Goes Cube has gone on, and all of them have been self-booked, self-promoted, and self-funded. That said, it’s extremely competitive when it comes to getting the good shows in Austin. And people tend not to take you very seriously when you’re emailing on behalf of your own band. So we’re still pulling and hoping to get some good shows in Austin. A funny note: Last year in Austin, we played with A Place To Bury Strangers, Takka Takka, and Foreign Islands. There were about 8 people there. I think the same bill this year would have a slightly better attendance.

Book ‘em, eh?

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