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Band To Watch: Hammer No More The Fingers

Maybe it’s bullshit, but we heard some members of the Durham/Chapel Hill trio Hammer No More The Fingers have been playing together since they were ten — circa 1994, reportedly rocking all originals minus an Archers Of Loaf cover. If you do the math, that puts them in their earlier twenties and currently making ’90s-sounding NC indie rock that evokes the Archers in some sense, but has shades of various sorts merging in the mix. Their self-titled debut EP came out on Power Team in in mid-November — after the jump we have two standouts from it: “Fall Down, Play Dead” and “Vodka Grasshopper” — and they’re planning to record a full-length in May with J. Robbins. Guitarist/vocalist Joe Hall, vocalist/bassist Duncan Webster, and drummer Jeff “Stick” Stickley already create a big sound for three, so we’re intrigued to see what happens under Robbins’s watch. (As an aside, man Jawbox were great.)

BTW: Hammer No More The Fingers
[photo by Sarah Cass]

Hammer No More The Fingers – “Fall Down, Play Dead” (MP3)
Hammer No More The Fingers – “Vodka Grasshopper” (MP3)

See, the simple energy at “Fall Down, Play Dead”‘s close? That’s what we’re talking about: College rock in that best old-school, early ’90s sense, though it goes some place else with it, too. (Echoes of Pinback throughout the album.)

Hammer No More The Fingers is out on Power Team. (You can hear another tune, “O.R.G.Y.” over there, and at MySpace.) Oh, we read Webster’s a pal of and toured with Patti Smith through his other band Mumu Worthy. What’s the story, Duncan? Maybe one of you can ask him at one of these live shows. If you’re from NC or thereabouts, that is…

02/01 – Greenville, NC @ 21 Eleven
02/02 – Salisbury, NC @ Rainy Day
02/07 – Asheville, NC @ Joli Rouge
02/08 – Asheville, NC @ New French Bar
02/09 – Chapel Hill, NC @ Jack Sprat
02/14 – Greensboro, NC @ Green Bean
02/15 – Wilmington, NC @ Port City Pub
02/16 – Wilson, NC @ Luna Bean
02/21 – Richmond, VA @ The Camel
02/22 – Bloomington, IN @ Bluebird
03/01 – Greenville, NC @ Spazzatorium
03/14 – Raleigh, NC @ Raleigh Music Hall
03/22 – Charlotte, NC @ Snug Harbor
03/28 – Wilson, NC @ Luna Bean
03/29 – Salem, NC @ Werehouse Winston
04/04 – Clemson, SC @ Blue Heron