Curren$y – “Smoke Sumthin” (Feat. Lil Wayne)

A few years ago, the New Orleans rapper Curren$y was the #1 non-Lil Wayne rapper on Young Money Records. That’s the Drake spot, basically, except Curren$y never really had a shot at being as big a star as Drake. Curren$y appeared on a ton of Wayne mixtapes during Wayne’s historic mixtape run, but he never really came into his own until he pulled the audacious move of parting ways with arguably the world’s most famous rapper. Curren$y’s recent string of sleepy-eyed stoner-rap releases has established him as a force on his own, and Wayne has predictably responded by throwing a few underhanded darts at his former labelmate. So it’s a nice surprise to see the two teamed up once again.

Verde Terrace, the mixtape that Curren$y released last week, included “Smoke Sumthin,” a freestyle over the OutKast classic “Elevators (Me & U).” And now, we’ve got a new version of “Smoke Sumthin” with a brand-new Wayne verse. Wayne does fine on the song, but the real story here is the fact that these two appear to be cool with one another once again. Here’s to happy endings. Listen below.

(via Nah Right)