New Craig Wedren – “Crush You” (And His Barack Rock Event, Feat. Nina Persson & Stella Stars)

We’ve never been shy about our love for Shudder To Think, a love largely hinging on the vocal chords of Craig Wedren. Since that band’s demise, he’s kept busy with soundtracking and solo recordings and has a new album Wand forthcoming. He told us, “It’s gonna come out next fall/winter with an accompanying movie. Essentially, it’ll be an album you go to the movies to hear (and see).” He also told us he’s not sure who’s releasing it, but that he imagines his past label, Conor Oberst’s Team Love, will be involved somehow. After the jump we have the potential fist single “Crush You.” How fitting a title, really.

No, Craig, We Have A Man Crush On You

Craig Wedren – “Crush You” (MP3)

That’s a great song: Those swooning, overlapped vocals and crunchy swooning guitars. Remember this? Now that’s a really great song. Seriously, though, it’s excellent to hear Wedren in top form. On top of these new sounds, he’s also organizing an event for Barack Obama at Bowery Ballroom on 2/4 (right, this coming Super Tuesday). Wedren will be there of course, as will other ex-Shudder member Nathan Larson, Nina Persson, Joan As Policewoman, OK Go, Paul Rudd, etc. It’ll be hosted by Stella stalwarts Michael Showalter, Michael Ian Black, and David Wain. The night’s called Barack Rock (rhyme) and he’s basically trying to get people registered and to the polls. Yes, it’s too late to register for Super Tuesday by now, but they’re also trying to remind the young folks that they can make a difference. If you’re interested in the show, you can get a ticket here. This is the organization’s website.

Rock the vote. If you don’t wanna take Wedren’s word for it, here’s Slaughter.