Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’s Alec Ounsworth Readies Solo Debut

After launching the album that launched a million trend pieces about the New Model for breaking a band in internet age, and learning along with everyone else that what he accomplished was less of a viable model for DIY success than it was the right record on the right blogspots at the right time, Alec Ounsworth and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have just sort of been existing: there was the second album, a mixed bag of a few excellent songs and lots of Alec’s “artsy” (unnecessary) excess, there was the cameo in the Tom Hanks movie nobody saw, and then the news that they were breaking up except that they actually probably weren’t. The recent Fallon performance of a new song suggests we’ll hear some new CYHSY yet, but in the meantime, since this is the week of buzz band singers announcing their solo debuts, and since everyone’s been waiting years for Alec to make this move anyway, it’s time to announce the Clap singer’s solo debut.

Anti-‘s putting out Ounsworth’s ten-track LP this October. It’s called Mo Beauty and seems to have, in personnel and tracklisting, a fixation with New Orleans. For now, enjoy the song titles:

01 “Modern Girl (… With Scissors)”
02 “Bones in the Grave”
03 “Holy, Holy, Holy Moses (Song for New Orleans)”
04 “That Is Not My Home (After Bruegel)”
05 “Idiots in the Rain”
06 “South Philadelphia (Drug Days)”
07 “What Fun.”
08 “Me and You, Watson”
09 “Obscene Queen Bee #2″
10 “When You’ve No Eyes”

Mo Beauty is out 10/20 via Anti-. We’ll get you some listens soon.

[Photo by Amrit Singh from ACL ’07]