Highlights From The Thermals’ Karaoke Experience @ Studio B

That New York x New York karoake redux thing happened last night in Brooklyn, this time swapping of Montreal for the Thermals as the event’s house band, and honestly, we were at home pausing our TiVOs to try and get a better look at Jacob’s rocking chair. (Click here to find out who it was in that house. Hint: Not Jacob … or is it?) From the looks of this video, though, seems like a pretty good time was had by all, pink boas were worn, and the Thermals are used to rocking the ’80s.

And since you watching the highlight reel means you a) likely were not there and b) probably stayed home last night and more than possibly watched LOST wherever you were, more straight dope here and here. Couldn’t sit though Eli Stone for the Oceanic commercial? Us either. Thanks YouTube!

(via azizisbored.tumblr.com)