Did You Know: Robyn Guests On Britney’s Blackout?

Thank god we’re entering into the homestretch of our years-long wait to see Robyn perform Robyn, but of course local press keeps finding new and exciting ways to keep our anticipation full throttle, running little features here, dropping bits like Robyn’s guest duties on Britney’s new album there.

That’s worth a recap, already: Before the 5150s, Britney-before-she-was-Britney/fellow-Max Martin-protégé Robyn revisited her own disposa-pop roots by guesting on Blackout. Guess which one? Here’s what we know:

Robyn to sing on Britney Spears's new album Robyn to sing on Britney Spears's new album

Via Time Out New York:

Despite her indie success, Robyn keeps in touch with Max Martin (“He’s still somebody I call when I have a melody I don’t know what to do with”), and in a poptastic twist of fate, she can be heard on the recent Britney Spears album. “Klas wrote ‘Piece of Me’ and asked me to demo it, and they kept the backing vocals for the final recording,” she explains.

Which explains why people thought she was actually writing tunes for Blackout. Which also explains why “Piece Of Me” is the best song on the album.