La Blogothèque Film Animal Collective, Get Harrassed By Animal Collective Fanatics

The writeups that accompany La Blog’s always excellent filmed sessions are usually quite charming, if only for their eloquent albeit second-language hyperbole and gushing descriptions of the usually magical recording process. The blurbs for the Animal Collective segments are telling, then, painting a story of an inaccessible band, finally tracked down for a bizarre day of “weird, magical” filming requiring creative editing, a delayed process during which “we even received insults from Animal Collective fans.”

Would you expect anything less?

Here’s the trio (no Deakin) on new song “Taste”:

We need an MP3 of that. If someone could please, rip and send to tips at stereogum dot com? (UPDATE: Thanks guys! Track below.) As thanks, AC’s second Take Awayer “Another White Singer”‘s after the jump.

Read the full story of La Blog’s day with the guys here.

Thanks all for sending in MP3s. We went with this one ’cause it preserves the shopping cart crash at the very end (somehow we think they’d want it that way):

Animal Collective – “Taste” (MP3)