CFCF Remix Sally Shapiro (Stereogum Premiere)

Italo disco queen Sally Shapiro has prepped us for the release of her new album with two worthy singles, “Miracle” and “Love In July.” The best part about Sally Shapiro singles is that they invariably come with lots of fun remixes; even though the bonus reinterpretations rarely equal the depths of her iced and longing dance tracks, she unsurprisingly has a knack for selecting remixers that can bring something new to her creations. For the recently posted “Love In July” single, she’s tapped a host of folks to offer their spins including Paper Bag labelmate CFCF. His idea of “July” is less pointed, with airier passages and more rounded beats to support Sally’s lovelorn vocal. Aside from a little vocoder at the end he keeps Sally’s bit pristine, because that’s just a smart thing to do.

Sally Shapiro – “Love In July (CFCF Remix)” (MP3)

The “Love In July” single’s out 7/14 (featuring this remix and a few others), and the My Guilty Pleasure LP is out this 8/25 via Paper Bag.