New Os Mutantes – “Teclar”

The classic Brazilian crew Os Mutantes are gearing up to release Haih, their first album in 35 years. If they’re feeling any pressure about it, the laid-back lead track “Teclar” doesn’t give any such indication. The sunny nugget opens with dramatic, almost ominous castanets (typing?), but quickly flows into a pastoral, plucked, sawed, and chimed psychedelic excursion with Sergio Dias Baptista’s breezy vocals joined by syrupy group harmonies. (Here/there, you wouldn’t be wrong to leave with images of the Incredible String Band dancing in your head.) It’s a nice blend of their vintage sound and a few new tricks.

Os Mutantes – “Teclar” (MP3)
(via P4K)

Haih is out 9/8 via Anti-.

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