James Blake Enough Thunder EP Details

Before he dropped his self-titled debut album earlier this year, James Blake first came to the indie world’s attention because of a trio of 2010 post-dubstep EPs, which covered a whole lot of aesthetic ground between them. (I have at least one friend who considers the three EPs to be, cumulatively, 2010’s best album.) Blake will return to the business of releasing EPs on 10/10, when Atlas drops his six-song joint Enough Thunder.

Last week, Blake shared “Fall Creek Boys Choir,” a Bon Iver collab that turned out to be, um, somewhat divisive. (I liked it, though!) That song shows up on the EP, as does Blake’s cover of Joni Mitchell’s “A Case Of You.” It’ll also include four new Blake tracks. Listen to “Fall Creek Boys Choir” again below.

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