Andrew W.K. Interestingly Faces A Fox News Question (Or, A Fox News Question Interestingly Faces Andrew W.K.)

There’s Fox News, and then there’s Red Eye: the network’s program that has its production costs drawn from the stores of Rupert Murdoch, but not its sense and sensibility. It’s the only show where Fucked Up’s Pink Eye would be invited to speak his mind without retributive ridicule, let alone be extended an open invitation to correspond whenever he’d like. (Which actually happened.) As the show’s title suggests, it’s buried on Fox News’s schedule, airing in the dead of night probably because they know that’s the only time people who like Fucked Up or Andrew W.K. would think it an amusing idea to subject themselves to the viewpoints parading under that Fair & Balanced moniker.

So that’s Red Eye. How about Andrew WK? Well he’s a walking .gif factory, an able web correspondent, a show hoster, a party starter, a joy ambassador, and always capable of memorable talk show appearances. Put him on Red Eye and you have a 40 second exhibit on why the world is a better place with him in it. With or without the music.