Lily Allen Becomes Single, Cartoon, Talk Show Host

A couple weeks after we heard about Lily Allen’s tragic loss, according to The Sun, it looks like she’s been dumped by Chemical Brother Ed Simons, bringing their five-month relationship to a close. They’d met after a Chemical Bros show in London this past September. The Sun quotes Lily telling her friends at the time, “He is going to be my boyfriend.” Aww. Can’t imagine you ever really get over something like that, and having got pregnant so early in the relationship, maybe there isn’t much to fall back on, to build up. Tough run for Lily.

It looks like she has enough going on, though, to take her mind off of things. First of all, continuing the animated musician trend, she’s starring in a forthcoming cartoon, a promo that’ll debut at Glastonbury and then show-up online.
Via NME:

The video is a promotional short for Unionlearn, the TUC’s learning and skills organisation, which aims to encourage people to return to learning…

The video, entitled Kate and Umar’s Incredible Learning Journey, features a cartoon version of The Levellers, as well as an animated version of the singer.

Here’s hoping for a John Kruk cameo. Finally, Lily shot a promo for Lily Allen & Friends, the talk show we illustrated with a spinning Lily video and smoking pictures a ways back. The new spot includes three nipples, donuts, Lily’s earlobe, and sushi, among other things. Like love. And cat’s jelly. Take a look after the jump.

“Smile” is right, Lily.

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