Deadheads For Barack Obama

Super Tuesday! Hope those of you in the magic states have cast your ballots already; if not, Bobby Weir may just influence the direction of your level pull yet. It wasn’t just the hipsters organizing for Barack last night. While Paul Rudd, Michael Showalter, David Wain, and a Shudder To Think reunion tried to woo New Yorkers to Obama’s cause at Bowery (more from that later), the Warfield in San Francisco played host to the Deadheads For Obama show, with Phil, Mickey, and Bob, playing together for the first time in over four years, and Jackie Greene (of Phil Les & Friends fame) on Jerry duty. They played stuff like “Deal” and “Friend of the Devil,” but first they talked a bit about it. Awesomely, this press conference vid’s got a little of that Yacht Rock era sheen, for added Dead authenticity.

Here Barack thanks Phil, Mickey, and the rest of Dead nation:

They played that at the Warfield and according to YouTube commenter Hdef, “When Barack said ‘… Sit down and enjoy the music,’ the whole crowd burst out laughing. Deadheads don’t sit down at a Dead show!” Guess that means Obama’s never been to a Dead show? But does that cut for or against? While you try and figure that out, here’s “Come Together”…

…and some other groovyness (almost sounds like “Stella Blue” into like “New Minglewood Blues,” but it’s been a bong time since we listened to our Dead tapes).