New Monsters Of Folk – “Say Please”

Finally some sounds to round out the months of vague news reports and website launches for Monsters Of Folk, the project that brings Yim Yames + M. Ward + Conor Oberst + Mike Mogis to one set of liner notes. On the back of just this one track, Monsters Of Folk are more like Monsters Of Misleading Band Names; there’s little folk at play in “Say Please,” the project’s lead MP3. Instead they’re trading more in a vintage, feel-good throwback rock shuffle. Off to a good start. It’s nice of them to partake in our digital games by giving up this free file as a sample, but knowing their nostalgic tendencies (and the decades-old vibe they’re throwing out here), snatching this one up on vinyl will probably put everyone in the right frame of mind.

Monsters Of Folk – “Say Please” (MP3)

Thanks for the tip, Chris. Monsters Of Folk is out 9/22. Keep up at