Videos From Robyn At Highline Ballroom, NYC 2/6/07

Finally, the wait was over; Robyn took over Highline Ballroom for her first NY show in ten years ever. (According to her banter she never even played here with a live band in those “Show Me Love” days — which, btw, she played last night). And it was good. Slightly (but not much) more articulate fanboy gushing later today with pics of the pop princess in all of her many modes and moods, but for now we bring you to the show via video by our good photo-friend Abbey Braden. Here Robyn organizes her bada-boom-booms on “Konichiwa Bitches”:

You’d never tell, but she is SO SHORT. But you probably can tell, she’s charisma plus. And you can also tell, everyone knew every word, every song. “With Every Heartbeat” after the jump.

Still recovering. More later.

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