Run. The Truce Is Ending.

Sorry for no posts yesterday. I had mad work all day and night, then (despite others’ advice to the contrary) went straight to see M. Night Shyamalan’s new “thriller” The Village. And I liked it! It had its slow parts, but I didn’t think it was silly. Better than Signs and Unbreakable.

Kevan had some funny things to say about the twist, which you can read “after the jump” if you don’t mind spoilers.

Otherwise, there’s Joaquin Phoenix Radio.

Kevan says:

the tombstone on the kid’s grave said 1890-1897. that’s my big complaint. m. night could say that the elders were lying about the year to fool the kids, but that’s stupid, because the kids would have no context. They wouldn’t be like, “But, Jebediah, if it’s 2004 then where’s my iPod???” Jason’s response to this, which I guess is valid, is that lying about the year makes it easier for them to lie about history. Otherwise, they’d have to come up with so many elaborate lies to explain what happened between 1897 and the present. They would have had to invent a whole alternate history.

Also, what’s with the accents? If they’re first generation Villagers, they should talk like Manhattanites and UPenn professors, not like 1890sers. And why name the kid Lucius? Were they concerned that if they named him Scott he would think, “If my name is Scott, then there should be hovercrafts”?