New R.E.M. – “Supernatural Superserious” And Accelerate Promo Video

At this point, we’re pretty sure you’re aware that Peter Buck, Mike Mills, and Michael Stipe are getting closer to the release of their 14th studio album, produced by Jackknife Lee. What you might not have heard, though, is a full track from Accelerate, so take a listen to the summer camp-volunteering, teenage-angsty “Supernatural Superserious.” It’s super good. Or at least super decent. (Via P4K)

The humiliation of your teenage station. Stipe knows. You can also hear bits of “Supernatural Superserious” in the band’s just-released promotional video clip, too. Only this time with flickering footage…

Speaking of fuzzy black and white videos … Has anyone remembered to check back to Ninety Nights?

Accelerate is out 04/01 on Warner Bros.

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