What You Missed On The Mayercraft

In the time since we last looked into John Mayer’s non-music related activities, he deleted his blog and organized/hosted a celebrity cruise. Long live rock ‘n’ roll. Naturally VH1’s Best Week Ever (a sponsor) was on hand to document the goodness. Lots of stuff went down, like a performance, an ’80s prom, and crafty soccer moms (Okay maybe said soccer moms didn’t go down — or maybe they did! — but they were there in full force…)

In fact BWE has a whole category devoted to the J May cruise. Before you go, though, take the jump for the cruise’s true legacy: providing one more breath of vitality in the dead horse that is Borat jokery. (Warning: This may or may not involve John Mayer’s manbits squeezed into Sasha’s neon green thong.)

Yeah it totally does involve that.

John Mayer as Borat
John Mayer as Borat

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