New Thom Yorke – “The Present Tense” (Live At Latitude)

Over the weekend we alerted you to Thom Yorke’s 12-song set at the Suffolk-based Latitude festival, mentioning that he played Eraser and Radiohead songs along with the newbie, “The Present Tense.” We have some video of the performance: Thom — a singing head emerging from behind a bunch of equipment — jokingly introduced the spare, downcast, and somehow familiar track as “a new song, so you know, go for a piss.” As expected, more than a few people held their bladders and stuck around to hear it out.

(via atease).

Thom Yorke – “The Present Tense” (Live 7/19/09) (MP3)

[Pic by Gab.]

So, that’s the second peep from Yorke in a week. If you missed his stab at Miracle Legion’s “All For The Best,” don’t.