Download Young Jeezy The Real Is Back 2 Mixtape

Atlanta drug-rap fixture Young Jeezy has been putting out a lot of mixtapes lately, and not all of them are worth your iTunes real estate. But Jeezy’s latest effort, the brand-new The Real Is Back 2, is a truly strong piece of work if you’re the type of person who downloads mixtapes from Atlanta drug-rap fixtures. (If you’re not that type of person, you’re presumably no longer reading this post.)

The Real Is Back 2 is a lean affair, 11 songs in 45 minutes, and it’s got strong, heavy production. And it also makes a nice showcase for the improbable but pretty awesome Jeezy/Freddie Gibbs partnership. It seemed pretty weird when Jeezy signed Indiana internet sensation Gibbs to his CTE label earlier this year, but it makes a whole lot more sense now, especially after Jeezy foe Rick Ross has fumbled around signing a ton of other mixtape types to his label. Gibbs can be a bit turgid on his own, but swooping in for a merciless double-time verse at the end of a monolithic Jeezy banger, he’s a demon. Gibbs appears on four different tracks on The Real Is Back 2, and he comes off on all of them.

Download the tape at Dat Piff, or catch a taste by watching the video for the Gibbs collab “Rough” below.

(via Nah Right)