MCA Has Cancer, Beastie Boys Taking Time Off

Well this is pretty sad. And it also sort of explains a lot. Despite generally looking spry and flowing admirably for their years, recent Beastie Boys performances live and on television have revealed MCA to be a little more sluggish than the rest. Today comes some bad news that may help explain that: Adam Yauch has been diagnosed with “a cancerous tumor in his left parotid (salivary) gland.” The good news: it’s localized, totally treatable, and won’t affect his vocal chords. The bad news: it’s a fucking cancerous tumor and that just sucks. Our thoughts to you, MCA. But also, it’ll require surgery that’ll put the band out of commission for awhile, forcing them to cancel all upcoming tour dates and push back the release of their forthcoming Hot Sauce Committee Part 1. Here’s a message he filmed for you:

Godspeed to a healthy recovery, sir.

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