New Patrick Park Video – “Here We Are”

You may remember Patrick Park as the man who wrote the last song on The OC. But you probably don’t because you had better things to be doing than watching the last of The OC. Either way, we discovered a few months later that Patrick’s tunesmithery’s worthy of being more than a footnote to the televised saga of Ryan Atwood. Then, we called “Here We Are” rambling three-minute meditation would make good sense for some desert-based moment of epiphany in a Wes Anderson flick. Now the track gets filmic accompaniment, and while the clip’s opening highway bike-ride isn’t quite The Royal Rushmore Ltd, the video’s dusty hue and long, face-trained shots give it the requisite quirk factor to bear out our prediction. By the time the green-robed choir begins singing in the park you’ll be looking for Jason Schwartzman.

Take it:

Patrick Park – “Here We Are” (MP3)

Everyone’s In Everyone is out on Curb Appeal.

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