New Shaky Hands Video – “Whales Sing”

We found Portland poppers the Shaky Hands’ CMJ set kinda, well, shaky, but from the looks of the Marq Young-directed video for “Whales Sing,” the guys have worked out the kinks: All they needed was to head into the great NW outdoors, don rainbow sweatshirts, and grab the hula hoops and hand claps until they found the eye of the tiger. It also helps when you write an oddball, catchy, sunny song.

That said, some of the most awkward dancing we’ve ever witnessed (and we’ve witnessed a lot), but done with enough smiles that we’ll let it pass. Actually, the long-haired dude’s Tai Chi pop-and-lock move kinda rules.

Here’s a copy of “Whales Sing” to bring to your own beach party:

The Shaky Hands – “Whales Sing” (MP3)

The Shaky Hands is out on Holocene.