Battles – “My Machines” Video

Battles went and made a video for “My Machines,” the collab with electro-pop god Gary Numan that shows up on their Gloss Drop album. The clip, from the directing team DANIELS, tells the story about a guy falling slowly and dramatically down the up escalator at a mall, never able to get up or to reach the bottom. Battles and Numan rock out unconcernedly around him. Maybe it’s a sort of modern-age Sisyphean parable, and maybe it’s just a fucking great low-budget music video. Decide below.

(via the Creators Project)

Please note: This thing is a single unbroken camera shot. That means that unless there was some digital trickery at work, some poor stuntman just had to keep rolling down those stairs for the entire length of the song. Shout out to that guy. He is good at his job.