Telemarketer Loves LFO

No, not the British techno band. We’re talking Lyte Funky Ones. Last night Angela Ad Sales passed along a voicemail that showed up on her brother-in-law’s answering machine. Yeah, we get messages from telemarketers all the time, but rarely do they break into their own renditions of “Summer Girls” after they think they’ve hung up the line. Not wanting to publicly out the LFO fan, we protected her identity with the DLR “Runnin’ With The Devil” audio (the most creative use of that vocal track since the Hood Internet this morning). Doesn’t the boss ever let those telemarketers off work to discover new music? Compare her version to the original. You know she was wearing Abercrombie & Fitch.




Billy Shakespeare did write a whole bunch of sonnets — can’t front on that, LFO — but what’s this ongoing beef with Chinese food?

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