Rainbow Arabia – “Harlem Sunrise”

L.A. couple Danny and Tiffany Preston concoct a kaleidoscopic blend of electronics, low-tech dance beats and what sounds like a Sublime Frequencies comp on repeat. The duo’s second EP Kabukimono is out 7/28 via Manimal Vinyl, but you can listen to the slinky, celebratory “Harlem Sunrise” today. We spoke with Tiffany about it.

What distinguishes a “Harlem Sunrise”?
I never saw a Harlem sunrise. I imagined it would be the most peaceful time in Harlem, the streets bare, the morning light, a new day.

What’s the song’s narrative? There are a few place names. It’s a NY-via-CA story?
I wrote Harlem Sunrise about a man returning home (Harlem) from prison. On his train ride back home he realizes how much he used to enjoy the simple things like the sunrise, the subway, the people and all the things he’s taking for granted. He tries to convince himself that he won’t go down the wrong path again: “They won’t get me down this time, or they’ll be lookin’ down my gun barrel.” He doesn’t want to go back to prison, but he is still a violent man. His strength comes from remembering the things he loves (the Harlem Sunrise). He hopes that he can become a better man.