There’s A Reason You Can’t Make Sense Of Beck’s Lyrics

As our favorite Hansen confesses to Rolling Stone: It’s because there’s no sense to be made. Via NME:

The star admits that many songs … featured … lines the star recorded during initial recordings of the songs to fill in blanks, that theoretically should have been replaced later on…

“Most of the vocals on the record were scratch vocals,” he said. “We just grew attached to them.”

Beck says most of the scratch is to be found on Odelay. Now to go back to the ’90s and tell ourselves to let it go; no matter how much herb we smoke, there will be no understanding “Devil’s Haircut.” A few of Becks’ confessed nonsenicals:


From “Devil’s Haircut:

Heads are hanging from the garbage man trees/Mouthwash jukebox gasoline

From “The New Pollution”:

She’s got cigarette on each arm/She’s got the lily-white cavity crazes/She’s got a carburettor tied to the moon/Pink eyes looking to the food of the ages

This is sad news. How long was this practice in place? Was there no getting crazy? Was there ever any Cheez Whiz?

In hindsight, we’re not surprised. You probably aren’t either. Place your vote for egregious Beck nonsensical (if you can find the right words.). We’ll string ‘em all together (intercut with some DLR isolated audio) and make ourselves a profound remix. It shall be called “Runnin’ With The Non Sequiturs.”

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