Blackout Beach – “Beautiful Burning Desire” (Stereogum Premiere)

Blackout Beach is the unsettling solo side project of Frog Eyes/Swan Lake member Carey Mercer; you might remember the two tracks we posted from his last Blackout Beach album, 2008’s Skin Of Evil. Mercer’s got another Blackout Beach album coming out soon, and he’s named it Fuck Death after a Leon Golub painting.

In a press release, Mercer claims that the album is his “attempt to make something about Beauty and War.” He recorded the album himself, using three synths, two drum-machines, and a guitar amp, with fellow Frog Eyes member Megan Boddy singing backup. Below, we’ve got the album’s tracklist, as well as a download of the LP’s opening track, the seven-minute creepfest “Beautiful Burning Desire.”

Blackout Beach – “Beautiful Burning Desire”


01 “Beautiful Burning Desire”
02 “Torchlights Banned”
03 “Deserter’s Song”
04 “Be Forewarned, The Night Has Come”
05 “Hornet’s Fury Into The Bandit’s Mouth”
06 “Drowning Pigs”
07 “Broken Braying Of The Donkey’s Cry”
08 “Sending Postcards To A Ghost”

Fuck Death is out 11/15 on Dead Oceans.

[Photo by Shawn McDonald]